We recently saw Faraday Future's autonomous technology test mule on a Lincoln MKZ, but a single new photo has given us a glimpse at the company's first production vehicle. Twitter user Everette Taylor, Vice President of Marketing for the car rental app Skurt, snapped the pic and posted it online. Electrek spoke to insiders who confirmed the camouflaged crossover belonged to Faraday Future.


Rather than following Tesla’s strategy of starting with a niche roadster before going mainstream, Faraday Future is confirming previous rumors by jumping immediately into the highly competitive crossover market. The company's engineers heavily camouflage this vehicle, though, and the team even hides the wheels' design. This photo does show the CUV has an arching roofline and steeply raked rear glass. The general silhouette reminds us of crossover coupes like the BMW X6, and there seems to be a little inspiration from the Tesla Model X’s sloping top, too.

Faraday Future has been tight-lipped about vehicle development. The company made a big splash in the EV scene at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show with the FFZERO1 electric supercar concept. The firm was clear at the time that its first production model would be something more realistic but without much detail about it.

We don’t know much about Faraday Future’s product development, but there's an experienced staff leading it. For example, former Ferrari North America CEO Marco Mattiacci is the company’s Global Brand Chief, and there are several people from BMW and Tesla there, too. The company even recently hired one of the top members of Apple’s Project Titan team.

Source: Electrek