Rocks up in van, makes quick escape.

We’ve all had days when we simply cannot be bothered with work. Days when we would rather be doing literally anything other than sit at our desks for a second longer.

In the interests of job preservation, most of us just knuckle under and get on with it. Unlike a Florida mail carrier, who was so fed up she threw hundreds of items of mail into a dumpster.

The carrier rocked up in a U.S. Postal Service van to the dumpster behind Luigina’s Pizza & Grill in San Carlos Park, seemingly knowing exactly where she was going. But she didn’t realize there was a security camera pointed directly at the dumpster, which recorded the entire incident.

Luigina’s owner, Louie Rondao, watched the scene play out. He told NBC-2: “I called down to my wife. I said check the garbage can, I just saw something really bizarre. Sure enough, she confirmed there was mail here from people and a lot of postcards. Somebody’s missing checks and payments. There were bills, and I think there were some personal letters.”

Agents from the inspector general’s office arrived a few days later to investigate. As, yet the carrier has not been identified. Given how nonchalant she seemed in the video, the worry is it wasn't the first time she had dumped mail, and therefore won't be the last. At least in this case, the mail will be put back in the system.

Of course, deliberately damaging or destroying mail is extremely illegal. The carrier would have been much better off faking a headache.