Nissan's crossover doesn't seem like a good replacement for an X-Wing, but the automaker is ready to help with the Rebel's fight.

You don’t need Jedi powers to see the natural cross-promotional opportunity between the Nissan Rogue and the upcoming blockbuster Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The brands are taking advantage of the opportunity, too, because Nissan is among Lucasfilm’s partners for publicizing the film, which opens December 16 in the United States.

Rogue One is not a sequel to last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Instead, the new film takes place around the time of Star Wars: A New Hope (the original). It tells the story of the group who steals the Death Star’s plans.

Neither Nissan nor Lucasfilm are providing any specific details about the cross-promotion yet, but the automaker’s teaser image (above) shows a Rogue with the Death Star’s reflection on the windshield. We hope Nissan does something fun with the campaign. Perhaps Darth Vader, who appears briefly in the trailer, could get behind the wheel of a black GT-R. The company could also advertise the new Titan by driving it through Tatooine’s vast desert and maybe even jump over the Sarlacc Pit.

Lucasfilm’s other promotional partners on the film are Duracell, General Mills, Gillette, and Verizon. After the huge success of The Force Awakens last year, expect it to be hard to avoid advertisements for Rogue One as the premiere gets closer.

Source: Nissan

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