Monterey Car Week ranks among the best automotive celebrations in the world, but at least one high-end vehicle isn’t leaving the posh event in one piece. This tuned Ferrari 458 was in an accident bad enough to tear off the front end, and the owner from Daily Driven Exotics decided to record the experience before a tow truck hauled away the supercar.

The crash didn’t injure the driver, but this Prancing Horse lost its pretty face. The owner didn’t indicate what caused the accident but said it wasn’t his fault. If you look ahead of the fire truck in front of the Ferrari, there appears to be a another wrecked vehicle on the side of the road. There was no mention of it in the video, though.

Regardless of the cause, the crash was severe enough to deploy the airbags, and the Ferrari spilled its guts across the road. However, we're still not sure how any other driver wouldn't see this zebra-striped Ferrari with Liberty Walk wide-body kit, and GT3 wing.

The driver remains in very good spirits despite the crash. He even jokes that he plans to build, another better car. Don’t worry about the wreck running the owner’s weekend either because he says a wide-body Lamborghini Huracán passing on a flatbed truck is his backup.

Via: Auto Evolution