Won't lead to an Iron Man suit, sadly.

Wearable technology will be the next Big Thing. Indeed, the revolution has already started with smartwatches and coats with speakers in the collar. But the biggest area of wearable tech will probably be the humble glove.

You can already get gloves with built-in Bluetooth that allow you take a call by speaking into your hand like you did as a kid, and gloves that function as a remote control.

More usefully, VW Group manufacturer Skoda has incorporated a new technology from a company called ProGlove, which is now being introduced to its production facility in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give the wearer superhuman strength; rather it has a scanner built into the back of the hand.

Initially, the glove is being used by Skoda’s logistics workers, to scan parts as they’re moved from warehouse to production line. Until now, a hand-held scanner has been used; Skoda claims the glove speeds the process up and makes it more ergonomic for the workers.

A sound or vibration tells the worker whether or not they’ve scanned the right part, both at the logistics end and when the glove is rolled out on the production line. It will also be able to tell workers there whether or not they are following the process correctly.

Skoda logistics boss, Jiri Cee, said: “We continuously test cutting-edge technology in order to improve the day-to-day work of our employees. The intelligent ProGlove helps our team to work more quickly, more efficiently, and with virtually no errors.”

Now, what I need is a glove that stops me dropping everything...

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