Here's the funny thing about the annual Pebble Beach Concept Lawn: It's not just for concepts. Yes, production-spec McLarens and Rolls-Royces mix it up with fancy showcars, so just consider this a recurring best-of list, showing excellent new cars (conceptual or otherwise) from the past year.

We've decided to stick to the concepts, bringing you live shots of fancy new sheetmetal that isn't yet meant for the road. That includes recently debuted items like the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, Cadillac Escala, and reskinned BMW 2002 Hommage concepts, not to mention old favorites like the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo and Ford GT.

The Concept Lawn provides a stunning array of what's hot, and what stopped us dead in our tracks at various auto shows and events throughout the year. Have a look at this year's spread in the gallery below.


Photos: Nathan Leach-Proffer /

Gallery: 2016 Pebble Beach Concept Lawn