The 500 people who bought the McLaren 675LT Coupe were not especially happy when the British manufacturer announced they would build another 500 open-top 675LT Spiders, rather diminishing the exclusivity of the Coupe. But at least they could all rest in the knowledge that they owned the most extreme road-going Super Series model that would ever be built.

But no more, as the even more extreme McLaren MSO HS is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. ‘HS’ stands for ‘High Speed’, but the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine only gets a marginal boost in power output up to 678 horsepower. No, the real difference here is the vast quantities of downforce available.

The HS features a big front splitter and turning vanes, knife-sharp side splitters and a P1 GTR-inspired rear wing. Combined, they generate a massive (claimed) 485 pounds of downforce at 150 miles-per-hour.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has developed and will build the HS; according to a number of reports, all 25 have already been sold. However, there are conflicting reports about who those cars have been sold to.

Some reports suggest that each car has been sold of a different individual. That would make the HS a ‘conventional’, limited-run special edition, albeit one with a near-limitless level of personalization available. That means those 675LT owners would be justified in feeling aggrieved they’re car has once again been usurped in both extremeness and exclusivity.

But other reports indicate that all 25 have been bought by a single customer, though whether that means an individual, a group of connected individuals, or a dealer hasn’t been explained. But if that is the case, it means the HS is a bespoke commission and, as such, doesn’t detract from the 675LT too much.

It's all a bit mysterious, but what really matters here is that the HS looks like it'll be absolutely awesome.

Source: Road & Track; Autocar

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