Company decides to pull the plug on the sizeable discount.

Nissan Leaf owner, Bruno Marcoux, set up a group buy for people interested in getting the all-electric hatchback at a discounted price. More than 2,500 people lined up to take advantage of the offer, with the number of interested buyers ultimately reaching around 3,700. However, Bruno’s efforts turned out to be all in vain, as the talks between him and Nissan Canada ended abruptly.

While at first he was hoping to bring the car’s price down to $20,000 CAD (about $15,500) including incentives, Nissan Canada’s president Joni Paiva decided to refuse the deal, thus disappointing thousands of people. He motivated the decision by saying the Leaf is already available with a significant discount of $8,000 CAD (about $6,200) thanks to the Quebec’s incentive for EVs. Electrek points out that if the group buy would’ve been successful, it would have more than doubled sales of the Leaf in Canada since the model’s introduction.

The news is more disappointing for those 3,700 buyers taking into consideration there was a successful group buy a few months ago in Colorado. Through the South West Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), 248 Leafs were sold at a massive discount of $8,349 with help from Nissan America and the local dealership. Factor in all the available state and federal tax credits, the Leaf’s price was reduced to just $12,130 which is very impressive considering the EV’s $29,010 MSRP in the U.S. for the 2016MY.

As for those 3,700 people, some of them have already decided to wait for the Tesla Model 3 scheduled to enter production in 2017. That being said, it’s going to be a long wait since there are around 400,000 reservations at the moment for the $35,000 electric sedan.