Volvo is set to make an attempt on several world speed records with a 2,400 horsepower truck known as The Iron Knight.

That power comes from a six-cylinder, 12.8-liter D13 engine usually found in the FH heavy haulage truck. In standard form, it produces a maximum of 540 hp, but has been heavily modified for The Iron Knight with no less than four turbos. As well as that 2,400 hp, the motor produces a gigantic 4,425 pound-feet of torque.

The engine is mounted in the middle of the chassis, behind the cab, and drives the rear wheels through a dual-clutch i-Shift gearbox. The clutches have been swapped for heavier duty items and the software has been recalibrated to cope with the power, but otherwise the transmission is standard.

The rest of the truck is completely bespoke. A race-spec chassis is used, while the cab is made entirely of fiberglass. The styling is reminiscent of the production FH, but optimized to improve aero and shovel as much air as possible to the engine.

Volvo hopes to break the standing-start 500 meter and 1,000 meter sprint records with The Iron Knight. Swedish truck racer Boije Ovebrink will be at the wheel.

The company has previously set the 1,000 meter record at 98.7 miles-per-hour with the 1600 hp Wild Viking truck.

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