Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll be familiar with Ken Block’s Gymkhana films. And you may have seen Ford’s Snowkhana videos, too. But now there’s another kind of ‘khana to add to the pile, again courtesy of Ford: Dronekhana.

The German city of Cologne, Ford’s European home base, this week hosts Gamescom, the largest interactive games fair in Europe. To mark the fact, Ford invented Dronekhana. No prizes for guessing that it involves racing drones flat-out around a tight and tricky obstacle course.

World champion drone racer Luke Bannister and his Tornado XBlades team-mate Brett Collis are at the controls of a pair of incredibly fast flyers. Using virtual-reality headsets, they navigate through, around, and under a B-MAX minivan, a Transit, a Ranger pickup, and even a robot.

Which is all pretty impressive, but the spectacularness goes up a few notches when the drones start chasing down a drifting Focus RS and blast through a Mustang’s tire smoke.

The film was shot in a warehouse at Ford's Cologne facility. A rig of 36 GoPro cameras was used to shoot the 'bullet-time' slow-motion elements.

Ford will be a the center of a world record attempt at Gamescom, as well. A team of gamers will attempt to grab the 'longest video marathon on a racing game' title, driving a Ford GT race car around the Le Mans circuit for 48 hours, one minute straight.