Rolls-Royce has released these images of a one-off Dawn convertible to show just how far its Bespoke department can go in creating exactly what an owner wants.

And what the owner wanted in this case was a Dawn finished in baby blue. Rolls didn’t have the right shade on its color charts, but Bespoke can mix up whatever hue you want. Surprisingly, no other owner had yet requested a one-off color on a Dawn, which makes this one doubly unique.

The body color is carried onto the wheel centers, while the brake calipers are painted black, and the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot is gold plated and lit from below.

Inside, there’s a two-tone mandarin and black theme to the leather upholstery and lambs wool rugs. And Bespoke, book matched, open pore Rosewood veneer is used on the facia and rear deck.

Though it bears a strong familial resemblance to the Ghost sedan and Wraith coupe, Rolls-Royce says 80 per cent of the Dawn’s body panels are specific to the model. Power comes from a 6.6-liter, twin-turbo V12 motor making 571 horsepower.

Rolls hasn’t revealed a name for this Dawn’s particular shade of blue; one-off colors like this usually stay unique to the owner that commissioned it.

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