Searching for a Snorlax looks a lot like planning a crime.

In the first couple of weeks after its launch, barely a day seemed to go by when there wasn’t at least one report of someone getting into an accident while playing Pokemon Go. Now its been out about a month, the fuss and the accidents have largely subsided, but the game is still causing some people to act like a complete moron.

Last week, a Mercedes CLS was spotted by a police helicopter driving erratically around a usually quiet neighborhood in Vaughn, Ontario at 3 a.m. The car was seen driving very slowly, stopping randomly and making strange turns.

The chopper tailed the car for some time, before calling in ground units, concerned the driver may have been impaired or planning a crime. The driver admitted to playing Pokemon Go, which could have led to a conviction for distracted driving. As it was, the officers chose to send him on his way with a stern warning. You can only hope he learned his lesson.

According to York Regional Police, which has jurisdiction in Vaughn, the most serious Pokémon Go-related incident they've seen was a group of players who were shot at for trespassing on private property. In terms of absolutely stupidity, though, the fella who crashed into a police car while playing takes some beating.

Be safe out there, people.