German drivers need to watch their speed on restricted portions of the Autobahn because police there are testing a very sophisticated traffic camera, Auto Express reports. The mobile Enforcement Trailer by Vitronic has angular lines that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie, and it’s full of cutting-edge tech inside, too.

The Enforcement Trailer is highly mobile and completely autonomous. The authorities can take it to the side of the road and then fine-tune the position with an on-board motor. Once in place, the batteries allow for five days of constant highway surveillance. The cops don’t even have to worry about hoodlums tampering with it because the wheels retract into the body, and the exterior can take a bullet.

Under the tough skin, this thing is incredibly smart. The computers know the legal speeds for different types of vehicles at various times of the day. The cameras can also monitor multiple lanes. When they catch a speeder, there’s no getting away, either. One photo provides an overview of the vehicle and a second includes a close-up of the license plate. The police don’t even need to be around because an encrypted wireless connection sends the data directly too them.

Watch the video below to see the device at work. 




Source: Auto Express

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