It’s a hot day in Moscow, Russia. A slurry truck driver has been making his rounds; it’s an unpleasant job but someone has to do it. Everything has been running smoothly*, but little does he know his load is plotting against him.

It’s a hot day in Moscow, Russia. The driver of a white Hyundai Tucson has been going about their business, maybe running errands or visiting clients. As they pull up to a set of traffic lights, they register the presence of a bright orange tanker truck.

It’s a hot day in Moscow, Russia. Which isn’t especially pleasant for bus passengers because the city cheaped out and didn’t spec on-board air-conditioning. It’s sweaty and horrible, and everyone is just trying to survive the journey without snapping.

The pressure inside the slurry truck is building as it approaches a set of traffic lights. With the heat and humidity, it’s an unpleasant day outside and conditions are absolutely intolerable in the tank. There’s only one thing for it: make a break for freedom. The tank bursts apart at the seams and the contents makes good its escape, flowing down the road.

The Hyundai driver is retuning the radio when suddenly there’s an almighty thud. Immediately the interior goes dark as the windows are covered in… something. It takes a moment to register what’s just happened, but the driver notices a distinct tang in the air. As they take a sniff, the pieces come together. It can’t be? Surely not? It’s… It’s… Nooooooo!!!!

Tempers are getting frayed inside the bus as it waits at yet another set of traffic lights. Then suddenly there’s an almighty thud. No-one really pays any attention until they notice a distinct tang in the air. And a river of brown flowing down the road. It can’t be? Surely not? Oh, come on! That really is the last straw! Right, let me off, I’d rather walk than put up with that!

Just another day in Moscow.

Pity the poor fella that had to clean it up.

*Any and all puns absolutely intended.