Tired of seeing so many new cars sold only in black, white, and silver? The Peach State Challengers, a car club from Atlanta, Georgia, recently gathered 76 of their members’ rides to create this rainbow made entirely from Dodge Challenger coupes.

The visually impressive parking job was made possible by the fact that Dodge has offered so many diverse and bright colors for the Challenger. The photo shoot was the brainchild of Peach State Challengers member Jeff Davis. He conceived the event, found a location at a fairground in Cumming, Georgia, and got all the requisite permissions to use the land for the event – including tipping off a local police officer who just happened to also be a Challenger owner.

Another club member, Rich Scotto, came up with the interlocking herringbone positioning of the cars and the idea to arrange the cars by color. He created a digital mock-up of how the arrangement would look, and then Davis arranged the event and invited Challenger owners to congregate for the photo.

Davis and others carefully guided all 76 Challengers into place over the course of two hours – which took considerable patience considering it was 95° that day. With the cars in place, photographers shot these images of the rainbow-patterned muscle car grouping. Peach State Challengers photographer Deldrick Ellsberry shot photos, while Chris Robbins used a drone to capture the overhead images and video.

The fact that the group could even recreate a rainbow pattern from cars is a testament to the wide variety of heritage paint schemes available for the Challenger. “I believe that Dodge’s colors are pretty unique. We had a couple different reds, the Sublime Green and then the Green with Envy, Plum Crazy and then the B5 Blue,” Davis told Motor1. Only one color was missing from the spectrum:We actually do have two Yellow Jackets but both of those guys were busy.”

These photos, which spread over social media, quickly attracted more attention for Peach State Challengers: “We’ve had 10 or 15 new requests for members come in since then,” says Davis.

Peach State Challengers was started in January 2014 and currently has about 402 members. The group attends track days and drag strips, plus hosts barbecues and other social events for members. Find out more on the group’s Facebook page.

Source: Peach State Challengers

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