From ports 10 miles off the coast.

Hyperloop One has set out a proposal for building a cargo-carrying, underwater version of the Hyperloop high-speed transport system.

According to board member Peter Diamandis, the idea is that Hyperloop could be used to bring cargo to shore from ports located 10 miles out to sea. Diamandis told Business Insider: “We’ve been talking to a lot of port authorities around the world about re-engineering their ports in this kind of fashion.”

As more and more goods are transported around the world, cargo ships are getting bigger and more numerous, leading to real congestion problems in many ports. The biggest oil tankers and bulk carriers are usually too big to dock in a shoreline port, so unload at a platform out to sea which is connected to land by a pipeline or conveyor belt. Hyperloop’s ports would operate in a similar manner.

Diamandis sees benefits for the real estate market. He said: “Long Beach, near where I live, is a beautiful California coastline that is basically covered with ports or cargo containers and ships. Imagine if you could regain all of that coastline for parks and homes and beaches by taking the port and putting the port 10 miles off shore.”

Hyperloop is ideally suited to operation underwater, as it runs in a sealed tube. Diamandis said the company is in talks about transporting people underwater, and suggested that the system will also be used in underground tunnels.

Hyperloop One hasn't commented on Diamandis's remarks.

Source: Business Insider; Electrek