Naming no names, but the target is obvious.

BMW is taking aim directly at Tesla in two new TV spots for its plug-in hybrid 330e model. Though Tesla isn’t named specifically, the Californian electric car maker and the long waiting list of its mid-size Model 3 sedan are clearly the target of the commercials.

One of the ads (above) shows a man waiting on his doorstep, staring sadly at an empty driveway. The voiceover says: “You will wait, and wait, and wait some more, all before that electric car company’s new model ever even arrives.” The man then looks longingly over at the 330e parked across the street. The voiceover calls it “the car you’ve been waiting for without the wait.”

The Model 3 was officially announced in March this year, but deliveries aren’t expected to start until late 2017. 373,000 people had paid a $1,000 deposit by the end of July for the car, which Tesla claims has a range of 215 miles on a single charge.

The 330e was launched earlier this year with a list price starting at $44,695, around $10,000 more than the Model 3 is expected to cost. BMW claims fuel economy of 72 miles-per-gallon and an electric-only range of 14 miles at speeds up to 75 miles-per-hour.

The second spot (below) features a woman walking past empty electric car charging points to get into her 330e. Both ads will air during coverage the Olympic Games.

New York-based agency The Vault produced the ads. Chief creative officer John Paley described the 25-strong team as “hired assassins.”


Source: Automotive News