High-end sports cars are at home on the track. Unfortunately, they're likely to spend an infinitesimal amount of time there, and many owners probably never lap a circuit. It’s far more common for these vehicles to cruise around at low speeds in cities and in the suburbs. For a new video, Jason from Engineering Explained demonstrates the very brief bursts of excitement possible from driving a 2017 Acura NSX in a crowded environment.

The NSX only gets one big chance to show off its performance in this clip, but this is an opportunity to see the hybrid powertrain's advantages. On a freeway on-ramp, Jason briefly mashes the throttle. Watch the notebook on the woman’s lap in the passenger seat (4:50 into the video). It flies up when he hits the gas, then stays there. While this might seem like a minor feat, the example illustrates how the nine-speed dual-clutch transmission’s quick shifts and the electric motors ability to fill in torque during gear changes. The tech means either the electric motors or internal combustion engine are always putting down power when accelerating. 

While city-dwelling owners are unlikely to get the most of the 2017 NSX’s performance, they have a nice cabin to look forward to. Jason praises the forward visibility and the skinny A-pillars in this clip. However, the arching roof makes seeing over his right shoulder difficult when merging.

If you want an idea of what it’s like to drive the NSX at higher speeds, check out Motor1’s First Drive from a few months ago. We generally liked being behind the coupe's wheel but found steering feel to be lacking at very low speeds – perhaps not the best news for city-based potential customers.