The folks at Vintage Works in Wisconsin get to experience the thrill of recreating Return of the Jedi’s coolest  scene because they have a custom Speeder Bike. While it can’t float above the ground through the forest of Endor, the cycle actually runs – just check out the clip above.

The team behind this project put some serious work into the details. For example, pressing a button in front of the rider raises and lowers the pneumatic suspension, which gives the effect of levitating like in the movie. The foot pegs extend out at the same time. A sound system even makes the same noise as the Speeder Bikes in Return of the Jedi. The handlebars also move for control of the front flaps, according to io9.

The brief clip above suggests the bike doesn’t go very fast, and the general design doesn’t look very nimble, either. However, this thing would still be a ton of fun to ride just for the experience of recreating a famous sci-fi action scene.

The video below shows how well Vintage Works achieves the bike’s cinematic look. There’s a subtle patina that gives the speeder the feel of lots of hours spent speeding through the forest. The design also largely hides the rear wheel from many angles, which amplifies the illusion that the cycle is floating.




Source: io9

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