The EV has no problem making passes in less than 11 seconds.

The Tesla Model S is a breakthrough electric vehicle because it proves to consumers that being environmentally friendly doesn't mean sacrificing performance. In fact, the range-topping P90D is an absolute powerhouse. A new video proves that the latest version of the sedan has no problem consistently running through the quarter mile in the high 10-second range.

The owner claims this is the car's first time at the strip. He lines up in a white Model S P90D at Rockingham Dragstrip in North Carolina, and he sets the sedan into Ludicrous mode. The EV blasts down the road with very little noise, but it runs the quarter miles in less than 11 seconds. Check out the end of the clip to see timing slips showing the results of multiple passes.

Tesla gave the P90D a big boost in a few months ago when an over-the-air update unlocked 68 more power horsepower (50 kilowatts). Tesla didn't confirm the change, but at least one owner showed a total output of 672 hp (501 kW) at the wheels on a dyno. The change also brought the car's output up to the highest spec Model X.

The Model S scored a major motorsports victory by being the fastest production electric vehicle ever at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. A P90D with a stripped interior and roll cage sprinted up the 12.42-mile (19.99-kilometer) mountain course in 11 minutes and 48 seconds. A photo recently showed the record-setting sedan was possibly abandoned at a Supercharger Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Source: Electrek