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RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche caters to a very specific market and while the cars might not be for everyone’s tastes, the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into a project is remarkable. Akira Nakai and his team recently worked on a 993 belonging to 22-year-old Ben Harmony from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it’s actually the first Porsche to receive the RWB treatment right in the customer’s home garage.

As you would expect from a 911 signed by RWB, the car has been fitted with a wide body kit featuring the tuner’s signature front and rear bumpers, prominent fenders, and a massive rear wing. This particular 993 known as ‘Price’ rides on Rotiform wheels and benefits from an Air Lift Performance suspension which further boosts the visual impact of an already striking 911.

1995 Porsche 993 by RWB
1995 Porsche 993 by RWB
1995 Porsche 993 by RWB

You can imagine that such builds don’t come cheap. There was a somewhat similar 993 RWB on eBay (pictured above) at the end of 2015 with an asking price of $175,000. It had 131,000 miles on the clock and it failed to sell, despite the ‘showcar condition’ mentioned in the listing and the numerous mechanical upgrades.

As for the video above, it’s truly a work of art coming from Krispy Media and they have already managed to grab a nomination for ‘Best Documentary Flim’ at the upcoming 2016 London Motor Film Festival set to take place on September 2.


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