The 205 GTI will always have a special place in the hearts of Peugeot fans and will command respect from people with an appetite for hot hatches. It's from a time when cars were much simpler, without a lot of electronics to intervene and take away some of the fun. As such, it comes as no surprise the market value of this classic Pug has increased over the years, now reaching a world auction record of £30,938 (about $40,430 / €36,471).

The 205 1.9 GTI right here went under the hammer at a recent Classic Sale 2016 organized by Silverstone Auctions. It’s probably one of the few remaining 205 GTIs in mint condition that hasn’t been driven a lot, with the odometer showing just 7,986 miles (12,852 km).

Wearing an ‘original and superb’ Silver Metallic paint, the car was delivered as new back in 1989 and had only one owner throughout its 27-year life. It was stored between June 2004 and February 2012 during which it was started regularly to avoid problems with the engine and transmission. It does not have any body damages, scratches, or scuffs, and Silverstone Auctions says it’s in ‘superb condition.’

The new owner has also received full documentation, including all of the handbooks, service records, instruction booklets, original brochures, and invoices. According to the car’s vendor, ‘the vehicle looks, drives and smells as close to new as you would find.’

So, which one would you rather have? A brand new 208 GTI for £19,815 or fork out more money for something along the lines of a low-mileage, mint-condition 205 GTI?

Source: Silverstone Auctions (1, 2)

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