Edna seems like a perfect name for a frumpy Mercedes-Benz Vito van in anonymous refrigerator white, but this gal hides a big enough secret to dust a BMW i8 and a Dodge Viper. The vehicle is an electric powertrain development mule for EV startup Atieva, and this video shows it blowing the doors off of supercars for the second time.

Edna has all-wheel drive and a total output of roughly 900 horsepower with an 87 kilowatt-hour battery pack. In this clip, she is fresh from additional refinements to her AC induction motors. The van rockets to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour in just 2.94 seconds and covers an eighth mile (201 meters) in 7.2 seconds. This was also the vehicle’s maiden quarter-mile test, and it completed the distance in 11.3 seconds.

These number are slight improvements over the last time we saw Edna on this runway. In July, she hit 60 mph in 3.03 seconds and ran the eighth mile in 7.3 seconds. The van also beat a Tesla Model S and Ferrari California T in a drag race.

The engineers think there’s still more performance available from the drivetrain, too. The hard work in getting everything just right should benefit Atieva’s sport sedan, which is due in 2018. The four-door could be even quicker than Edna because of its lower weight and better aerodynamics.

Former Tesla and Oracle employees founded Atieva in late 2007. The company has backing from Mitsui in Japan, Beijing Auto from China, and Faraday Future investor Jia Yueting. Once the sedan is on sale, the company wants to launch a crossover soon afterward. With Edna’s performance, maybe the firm should think about building a van because it could haul packages in a hurry.

Source: Atieva Via: Autocar

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