The autonomous racer looks ready for the track.

Designer Daniel Simon went back to the drawing board and gave the Roborace car an updated look. The rendering of the revised styling even includes labels that tell us a lot more about the upcoming autonomous racer.


Where the original shape was flat and angular, Simon creates a more aerodynamic appearance for the updated design. The way the fenders arch upward from the low-slung central fuselage is especially attractive. Simon’s updated styling also better incorporated the cooling ducts for the electronics and battery.

Because the Roborace cars compete without human intervention, each one needs a bevy of tech to get around the track successfully. In the nose, there are well-integrated cameras, ultrasonic There’s also side-facing LIDAR in the front fenders. The rear features radar and LIDAR, too. Along the top, puck-shaped antennas communicate data back to the engineers. We should see some good videos when these vehicles hit the track because the fin protruding from the back includes a 360-degree camera, plus a separate camera for the artificial intelligence and status lights.

Roborace will be a support series for Formula E starting during the 2016/2017 season. Ten teams with two cars each have mechanically identical electric vehicles. To win the events, engineers need to create better artificial intelligence algorithms than their competitors. So far, only renderings of the racers exist, but if championship actually happens, it could be fascinating to watch.

Source: Roborace via Jalopnik