There are a lot of fantastic looking Lego racecars on the market and infinitely more you can build yourself. This recreation of the pits at Le Mans could be the perfect backdrop to display those creations, if Lego actually builds it. The set is currently looking for support on Lego Ideas and still has a long way to go before arriving on store shelves.

The design features three bays from the Le Mans pit lane. Inside each one, there are little tools, which would allow builders to create interesting dioramas with their models. The second story features VIP boxes, so you can position little executives and journalists covering the action. Best of all, the set is modular and features extensions on each side. In theory, someone with enough space could recreate every entry in the race.

According to the designer who goes by the username CPO-RD404, the set takes inspiration from Lego’s recent line of Speed Champions cars. These are smaller, less expensive automotive models, but they lack the detail of products like the company’s massive Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which has over 2,700 pieces.

At this writing, the kit has just 88 supporters, which is a long way from the goal. For Lego’s review board to even consider a design for production, the set needs 10,000 backers. The good news is that with 155 days to go, the outcome could still improve.

We wish the designer the best of luck with this project. If this is something you might want to build, you can lend support by checking out the set’s page on Lego Ideas from the link below.

Source: Lego Ideas

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