App integrates driver's diary with satnav.

BMW's new Connected personal mobility app launches in Europe this month, allowing drivers to integrate their diary with their car. 

For now, BMW Connected is only available on Apple devices. It harvests destination and arrival time information from the user's diary entries on their device and notifies them of the best departure time. It can then adjust the arrival time according to the traffic conditions and notify whoever the user is meeting by SMS. And even if a journey isn't on the user's calendar, so long as the destination has been entered into the app, it automatically transfers across to the satnav when they get into the car. Usually, the route would just appear on the screen automatically.

There's more. If you have to park up short of the final destination, route guidance continues on your device. It will factor charging times for plug-in models into journey planning. And it will even learn your regular journeys, like a commute, and suggest when you should leave according to the traffic conditions. 

All the functions from the old BMW Remote Services app are carried over, too. So the climate control, locking and unlocking, the horn and headlight flasher can be operated remotely from your device. Incidentally, how much fun could you have honking the horn at random people from outside the car? 

BMW Connected launched in the United States in March; US users with an Alexa device can use Amazon Echo voice-activation to operate functions via the app. It launches across Europe this month.

BMW first started exploring this technology as long ago as 2011, with the Vision Connected Drive concept.