I think we'd all fill our homes with ridiculous and impractical toys and ephemera if we had the chance. Personally, I'd pack mine with old driving arcade games like Out Run, Sega Rally, and Crazy Taxi. And Ferrari Challenge, Battle Gear, and the little-known-but-absolutely-awesome GTi Club. Not to mention every bit of car-related junk I could lay my hands on. 

It's not just us gearheads, either. Given enough space (and money) any super-fan would do exactly the same thing. But sometimes ambition exceeds the limits of wallet and technical ability. Which is where TV show Super-fan Builds comes in. 

As the name suggests, it's a show that creates something special for a super-fan of whatever. In this case, Brandon is obsessed with Back to The Future and the DeLorean time machine, in particular. Noted movie set designer Shane Hammond sets to work building something Brandon can use in his 'time parties'.

That something is a near-perfect replica of the BTTF DeLorean, built from a genuine new-old-stock chassis and genuine panels, and complete with all the gadgets including a Mr Fusion and the Flux Capacitor. But there's a twist. Because it isn't actually a working car. It is, in fact, a hot tub. And it's awesome. A completely impractical toy, but awesome. I'm not even that big a fan of BTTF and I'd love one.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and what your dream toy would be.