An unconventional race pits F1 star against paramedic.

Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel is usually at home behind the wheel of his Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H racing car, but what happens when he tries his hand with a somewhat less sporting vehicle? In a new promotional video from Shell, Vettel swaps a Ferrari 488 GTB street car with a U.K. paramedic’s ambulance for a tire-squealing race around Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground.

The drivers and their vehicles couldn’t be more different. Vettel, who has 42 F1 wins under his belt, is giving up his 661-horsepower biturbocharged Ferrari – top speed 205 miles per hour. Paramedic Alex Knapton, meanwhile, who has responded to 1,356 emergency calls, is letting Vettel loose in his 116-hp ambulance, top speed 105 mph.

After some coaching in the one another’s vehicles, the duo sets loose to race against the clock. Knapton unleashes the Italian beast and sets a lap time of 2 minutes, 17 seconds. Vettel, who appears somewhat bored with the comparatively lethargic ambulance reminds us why he is a four-time Formula One World Champion and manages 2:10.

While we know the Ferrari could probably respond to an emergency more quickly, it wouldn’t have anywhere near as much life-saving gear on board. Let’s just hope someone as skilled as Vettel is at the wheel next time you need the services of an ambulance.

Source: YouTube

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