Utah doctors want the tuners to cease their activities.

A group of Utah doctors is planning to sue local tuners Diesel Brothers, who they believe have made illegal modifications to vehicles’ emissions control systems.

The Diesel Brothers, who also star in a Discovery Channel show of the same name, are one of the go-to tuners of diesel trucks, particularly for owners who enjoy rolling coal - pumping out clouds of black smoke.

The doctors’ group, called Utah Physicians for a Health Environment, claim Diesel Brothers illegally removes emissions control systems to facilitate rolling coal. The Salt Lake Tribune, quotes group president, Brian Moench, saying: “We got a number of complaints from citizens about ‘coal rollers’ - some of these people who do this enjoy the notoriety of putting a big black cloud of smoke over other motorists and pedestrians.”

Diesel emissions are under closer scrutiny than ever in the wake of the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal. Of particular concern are particulate emissions, including nitrogen oxides, that have been linked to many health problems, such as cancer and respiratory conditions. According to Moench, Davis County Health Department tested a vehicle modified by Diesel Brothers which produced significantly more pollution than the standard version would.

Utah Physicians wants Diesel Brothers to cease its activities and take back every vehicle it has worked on and return them to a legal condition. Moench said: “We feel like they have a responsibility to undo what they have done, and that they should take back all the vehicles that they have modified and make them legal again.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. If a judgement is made against Diesel Brothers, it could have massive consequences for other tuners as well, and not just diesel specialists.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune