Slide from right to left to switch between two and four cupholders.

The cupholder is not exactly the most exciting feature to have in a vehicle, but its usability cannot be questioned. Ford has found a simple, yet ingenious way of adding an extra two on the 2017 Super Duty workhorse thanks to the two-into-four-barrel cupholder. It’s being described by the peeps from the Blue Oval as yet “another insightful example of how the Ford Truck Team knows truck customers better than anyone else.”

Located between the front seats, Ford’s patented cupholder design features a combination cupholder and a storage bin with an upper panel that can slide from left to right. Slide it to the left, you get four cupholders. Slide it to the right, you have two cupholders and a storage bin that can carry bigger items.

The new feature brings the total number of available cupholders for the 2017 Super Duty models to 10, probably more than you and your fellow work colleagues will ever need, but it’s nice to have them nonetheless.

If you’re not impressed by the Super Duty’s new transformable cupholder, maybe the maximum towing capacity of 32,500 pounds (14,742 kilograms) and the earth-moving 925 pound-feet (1,252 newton-meters) of torque will make you say “wow.”

The 2017 F-Series Super Duty is scheduled to go on sale this fall, with pricing to be announced closer to launch.

Source: Ford

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