I think we can agree Porsche isn’t stretching credibility too far when it describes the Panamera as a sports car among big sedans. But making a car as big as the Panamera - and it is enormous - actually look like a sports car, not just drive like one, is the real trick.

In the run up to the launch of the 2017 Panamera later this year, Porsche has released this video in which the senior designers describe how they imbued it with that sports car look.

According to the designers, emphasizing the Panamera’s length and width visually reduces its height. Combined with broad haunches, the Panamera has the hunkered, powerful stance of a sports car.

The consensus among observers has been that the new car is much better looking than its predecessor, despite not actually appearing that much different. What’s most noticeable, though, is that despite being longer and wider, the new Panamera looks considerably less bulky. The stylists’ tricks have worked, then.

There’s still no hiding the sheer scale of the new Panamera, but it certainly looks leaner and tauter than the current car. Which I’ve always thought looks like a salamander.

Incidentally, is it just me who finds it pleasing Porsche’s stylists create full-size renderings in tape?