It would be easy to understand if you didn’t immediately identify this futuristic concept as a motorcycle, what with its one large rear wheel and sleek, pod-like design.

But the BMW Titan concept is indeed a motorcycle, and looks like it would have been right at home on the set of Tron.

This truly stunning design is the work of Mehmet Doruk Erdem out of Istanbul, Turkey. He’s a freelance industrial designer with a passion for all things automotive, two wheels and four. The BMW Titan concept is only one of the many beautiful concepts the young designer has in his portfolio.

It’s hard to see any BMW in the lines of this bike, aside from a subtle bit of blue and red accent striping. There are no details on what kind of engine is hidden within the bold, angular body, but the designer does say it was created with the “Bonneville Salt flats and land speed racing” in mind, so it should be something powerful.

With its edgy design, the BMW Titan stretches our notions of what a motorcycle looks like, and challenges engineers and designers to make something like this viable in the real world.

If we wait long enough, maybe we’ll see something as fantastical as the BMW Titan cruising the streets, or the salt flats.

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