In some of the spy images we post here on Motor1 there are prototypes being benchmarked against production cars from rival companies. It’s a common habit in the industry and Honda/Acura is not an exception. While it was working on the second-generation NSX, Honda bought a brand new 911 GT3 to check out its steering and vehicle dynamics, according to NSX project leader Nick Robinson in an interview with Automotive News.

That Honda-owned 911 GT3 was the subject of a recall to fix a problem with the engine connecting rods and it was at that point when Porsche realized the car belonged to the NSX’s development team after verifying data recorded by the black box. The peeps from Stuttgart decided to have a little bit of harmless fun, and after repairing the car, they wrote “Good luck Honda from Porsche. See you on the other side” under the engine cover. Robinson and his team discovered the message when the car was returned and they probably had a good laugh.

Interestingly, the 911 GT3 was not the only car Honda and Acura purchased while they were developing and testing the new hybrid high-performance car. They also bought a McLaren MP4-12C which had to make a short stop to the dealership for a bit of work. Actually, it was more than just a single visit and according to Robinson the folks from McLaren “didn’t quite catch on” who was the real owner.

McLaren did discover the MP4-12C hit 205 mph (330 kph) at one point and asked the customer “Where did you go 205 mph? What track?” With the car’s official specs showing a 207 mph (333 kph) top speed, it means Honda/Acura’s test engineers did not refrain from taking the MP4 almost to the max.

Source: Automotive News

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