Felipe Massa says the huge turnout of both fans and celebrities at the Champions for Charity football match on Wednesday evening shows just how much affection there remains for Michael Schumacher.

Almost 25,000 spectators turned out at the Opel Arena in Mainz to see two celebrity teams battle it out for glory.

Included amongst the drivers' team, which lost 9-6, were Sebastian Vettel, Carlos Sainz, Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Mika Hakkinen, Massa and Schumacher's son Mick.

As well as showing support for Schumacher, who is still recovering from the head injuries he suffered in a skiing accident in 2013, the event raised money for charities.

Speaking after the match, Massa said that the occasion had proven how much Schumacher still meant to everyone.

"We can do it for Michael, as such an amazing person, a friend and who for me was a teacher when we raced together," said the Brazilian.

"It was so nice to come here and see a lot of people trying to help to participate in such a nice game, and there being so many important personalities – from the sport.

"I think that is really important and it is the minimum I can do for such an incredible person like Michael."

Long recovery

Schumacher is facing a lengthy recovery from his injuries, with the family still keeping private his exact condition.

When asked what the latest news he had heard about the seven-time champion was, Massa said: "I think for sure it is not up to me to say about anything - how it is going, and how it is not going.

"I just pray that everything will be better for him as a friend, and that is the most important thing. Today we helped a lot of people, this is important – that is why we are here and to help people who really need it."

Mick praise

Massa also had praise for Mick, who scored a goal during his appearance for the drivers' side.

"For sure, every kid has a lot of steps to do," he said. "Mick is a kid and really I follow him, and like him a lot.

"He is a really, really nice kid, he is growing, learning and all of us were at some time at his age. So it was nice to play with him and be in contact with him."

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Source: Motorsport.com

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