One idea for Tesla's "new kind" of truck.

Of all the things Elon Musk announced are included in the second part of Tesla’s master plan, by far the most intriguing - and likely to be the most lucrative - was that the automaker would soon produce “a new kind of pickup truck.”

Which is a rather opaque statement from a company that’s usually so transparent. Then again, it’s thought development hasn’t even started yet, so maybe Musk doesn’t quite know exactly what the truck will be himself, yet.

For now, then, it’s open to interpretation. And here’s one from designer Jason McGinnity, dubbed Tesla Allterrain. McGinnity is well-placed to speculate, having served an internship at the Tesla Design Studio.

As you can see, McGinnity has imagined the Tesla pickup as an ultra-rugged, off-road utility vehicle; a Tesla mashed up with a Jeep Wrangler, if you will. Big tired and long shocks speak to serious rough road ability, which would be helped by the low centre of gravity Tesla’s chassis/battery pack produces.

Without an engine at the front, there’s space for a small load bay which McGinnity has used to house the spare wheel. The doors and C-pillars are removable as well, to reduce weight. Two battery ‘backpacks’ strapped to the rear can supplement the main batteries if needed - you really don’t want to run out of charge in the wilderness.


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