Do a quick search, and you’ll find out pretty quickly there’s no shortage of DeLorean DMC-12s on the used market. Some more expensive than others; way more expensive, actually. But only on rare occasion do you find exactly what everyone envisions with this car from the beginning: a real Back to the Future time machine.

With a bid of $48,100 per this writing, you can actually put an authentic piece of Back to the Future history in your driveway.

Though this car never appeared in the films, it is an officially licensed product of NBC-Universal and comes with all the proper documentation. It was created for the 30th anniversary celebration, and signed by nearly ever member of the cast including Biff Tannen (Tom Wilson), Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), and even the designer of the movie car himself, Michael Scheffe. 

It features every component from the cars in the films; the faux exterior wiring, the date and time monitoring devices–and yes, even the flux capacitor. Considering it is an exact, certified replica from the film, buyers should expect nothing less.

Mechanically, the engine has just 29,280 miles on the odometer, handled via a five-speed manual gearbox. Other features include working air conditioning, cruise control, power locks, power windows, leather seats, and even a working cassette player, so you can really travel back in time.

But if you want it, you’ll have to move quick. Bidding ends tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 26) at 9:00PM.

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