Yesterday, we learned from the man in charge of developing the Porsche 911, August Achleitner, that an electric version of the sports car doesn’t currently make sense. The weight of the batteries would compromise the dynamics too much, and the market would be too small to make the massive investment worthwhile.

But let’s imagine a world where an electric 911 would be viable. What would it look like? RC82 Workchop got their digital pencils out to create just such a thing.

Working from the premise that Porsche would want its electric cars to have a unifying identity distinct from combustion-engined models, RC82 has applied styling cues from the upcoming Mission E to the 911’s unmistakable shape.

The normal ovoid headlights have been switched out in favor of the Mission E’s quartet of rectangular LED elements. The front fenders and bumper are more sharply defined and the doors are deeply sculpted.

The window line is altered, too, with a distinct step down on the door, and then a step up over the rear fender.

Every major change to the 911’s powertrain has been controversial; the switch from air cooling to water cooling, and last year from natural aspiration to turbocharging. Should the 911 go electric, the hoo-ha will be gigantic.

Source: RC82 Workchop