The horrifying accident took place last weekend at the Wallerfield International Raceway.

On Sunday afternoon during the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships, one of the cars simply flew off the Wallerfield circuit and plunged into spectators, seconds after another car left the track. According to local media, four people - including the driver - were rushed over to the hospital and are now in a stable condition after suffering multiple injuries, including broken hands and feet. Three of the victims were taken to the Arima hospital while the fourth one, a woman who was trapped under the car, was sent to the Mount Hope hospital to receive emergency care.

Jameer Ali, Vice President of the Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA), described it as a “freak accident,” adding that a similar crash has not happened before. He went on to specify that while the stands with spectators were placed at an adequate safety distance, TTASA is going to re-evaluate the location and possibly move that particular stand at a greater distance from the circuit to avoid another similar tragedy.

Due to his condition, an official answer from the driver regarding what happened is not available at this point, but looking at the video it seems that something went wrong with the car’s brakes and he was not able to stop in time. All that matters right now is for those four people to bounce back without any long-term consequences caused by the sustained injuries.