Chaos after a Honda Civic EG hatch lost control at the Kesselchen section during a public driving session.

Horrifying footage of the aftermath published by German regional news outlet Südwestrundfunk shows the track was a bit damp on Saturday during the touristenfahrten session and that might have contributed to the disaster. The two people who perished in the accident were the driver and passenger of the Civic which as you can see suffered extensive damages.

Two of those injured were track marshals that arrived at the scene in an Opel Zafira safety car to provide assistance following another accident, thankfully a minor one. As far as the third person injured is concerned, most likely it’s the driver of the vehicle involved in the initial crash, according to Bridge to Gantry. He is now being treated for shock, and hopefully he along with the two track employees, will be ok.

As BTG points out, that corner where the horrible crash took place is at almost 2 km (1.2 miles) from the nearest remote-controlled warning light. Rather than driving at a slower pace until the next light, it seems many drivers become inpatient and decide to accelerate. In other words, the Civic driver was probably speeding in a section of the track where he shouldn’t have given the ongoing warning lights. It’s a driver error that unfortunately happens too often in the area which is why many people attending the Nürburgring have expressed their desire for an additional warning sign.

There’s certainly a lesson to be learned from all of this, warning lights should not be ignored, especially on a wet track.