The summertime offers the perfect weather for kids to play outside, and new ride-on toys by Peugeot in cooperation with pedal car company Baghera could make your son or daughter the coolest kid on the cul-de-sac. If you’re looking for something smaller, the French brand has wood and metal models of its classic vehicles, too.

The Peugeots for kids to ride take inspiration from the 402 coupe with a body by Darl'mat. They’re available in blue, which pays tribute to a Le Mans racer, and beige. Parents either need deep pockets or the kid needs a successful lemonade stand because the cars cost 149 euros ($164).

You can’t ride Peugeot’s collection of smaller models, but they highlight some of the most beautiful vehicles in the brand’s history. The L45 toy for 39.90 euros ($44) commemorates the 1916 Indianapolis 500 winner, and it has a minimalist look, including a simple wooden sphere representing the driver. For the same price, you can get scale versions of the 402 coupe. One of them wears the blue Darl'Mat body from the ride-on car, another is yellow and black, and the third features a design by Andreau with a rear fin. For people who want something a little more modern, there are wooden models of the 205 GTI in street trim and the Peugeot Sport rally livery for 19 euros ($21) each.

The ride-ons, 402s, and 205s are already available from Peugeot’s online store. The L45 arrives in September.

Source: Peugeot

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