What are we looking at here? Perhaps a different-badged version of Volvo's XC40?

Our sources say that although the prototype spotted here is neither a Volvo nor a Geely, it does have something to do with the unreleased XC40. They also say it won’t be badged as an Emgrand, a Geely sub-brand launched back in 2009. So, what is it then?

A report published by Reuters earlier this year said something about yet another automaker under Geely’s umbrella, codenamed “L.” Apparently the first model will be a crossover riding on Volvo’s forthcoming Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), so basically it will be an equivalent of the XC40. Maybe the prototype spotted here is that L-badged crossover mentioned by Reuters, but then again, maybe not.

Whatever it is, the high-riding model is unlikely to come out in the near future seeing as how the prototype appears to be early in the testing phase. It doesn’t have the production lights and who knows if the body panels hiding underneath the thick disguise are final. There are some wires sticking out of the hood and linked to the wheels, thus indicating the prototype likely had a new engine.

What’s really weird about the crossover spotted in the Austrian Alps is that not only it has Swedish license plates, but at the back it also carries what appears to be a temporary Italian plate. There is also something attached to the roof which may look like a camera, but it's probably some sort of a weather-related measuring instrument.

If it’s not a Volvo/Geely product, what else could it be?


As pointed out by some of our readers, this is indeed a Geely-related product. You can check out its technical specs HERE.

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