Baja race cars might just be the coolest race cars on the planet. Not only are they capable of going hugely fast over the gnarliest terrain imaginable, they look muscular, kind of cartoonish and absolutely fit for purpose. As all the best machinery should.

But what really makes Baja racers so cool is that the ‘look’ works on literally any car. Take this rendering of a Baja-style fifth-generation Ford Mustang by digital artist Kd Kalim. It looks unlike any Mustang you’ve ever seen before, sat high above the ground on massive shocks and ginormous off-road tires, hung far out beyond the fenders.

The body is sat on top of a substantial chassis, and you can clearly see a front differential poking out from underneath. The body itself is largely standard as far back as the B-pillar. But from there, huge mud guards have been added the rear fenders, and most of the trunk cut out to accommodate a pair of spare tires.

Most modified Mustangs are done to well-established road racing or pro-touring principles, so the scene could perhaps do with shaking up a bit. If someone was brave enough to build this Baja Mustang, it would be a veritable earthquake.

Source: Kd Kalim Design