A high-speed internet connection inside the vehicle for up to ten devices.

BMW is expanding the connectivity features across its model range with the introduction of an enhanced Wi-Fi in-car hotspot. A Wi-Fi hotspot was integrated by the company for the first time in the latest 7 Series back in October 2015, and is now available for many models from the brand’s portfolio.

The system is now using a high-speed LTE connection that is established inside the vehicle using a new eSIM. The Bavarian brand explains that, unlike the conventional SIM card, the eSIM can be re-configured, if required, without needing to be replaced.

Basically, the hotspot provides a password-protected, high-speed internet connection inside the vehicle that can handle with up to ten devices. This connection allows passengers to use internet services in without their device requiring its own SIM card.

As part of its ConnectedDrive platform, BMW is also offering the SmartHome app that enables users to control functions in their home remotely through their mobile devices. It allows customers to adjust house lights or heating, using either a mobile phone or the iDrive controller in the car.

Source: BMW

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