Rear differential needs replacing.

BMW has issued a delivery stop on a total of 202 M2, M3, M4, 5-Series (including M5) and 6-Series cars.

According to a sevice bulletin issued by BMW, the affected cars require replacement of the rear differential. It does not say exactly what the problem is that requires relatively significant surgery to rectify it.

BMW has already issued a number of recalls this year. 189,000 X3s and X4s were recalled due to a problem with ISOFIX child seat mounts, and over 21,000 X5s and X6s were recalled due to the risk of the front driveshaft universal joint failing. Meanwhile, 6,000 7-Series were recalled and sales of certain models stopped after it was discovered the airbags might fail to deploy under certain circumstances.

The cars caught up in this fresh delivery stop were manufactured from May 12, 2016 through July 4, 2016. It isn’t currently known how many, if any, of the affected cars were or will be delivered to the United States.

The service bulletin states that a repair for the fault is currently not available. As such, the cars’ owners could face a long wait until they are finally able to take delivery.

BMW adds that the bulletin will be updated with repair instructions, parts and warranty information as they become available.