Hyundai's now standalone Genesis luxury brand will open its first dedicated store in the following months.

With the Genesis brand introduced in November 2015, Hyundai is trying to grab sales from the more established German luxury marques. To do that, the newly-founded upmarket brand needs to have its own dealer network which is why the South Korean company is now putting the finishing touches on a Genesis dealership. After all, it wouldn’t look right to see a posh model such as the G90 sitting next to the more humble Elantra/Avante, would it?

The first of many to come will be located near Seoul and will open its doors later this year and will be located in the yet-unopened largest shopping mall in the country, Starfield Hanam. There won’t be a lot of models on display though since Genesis right now only has two models to sell, the G90 and G80 sedans. The former serves as a successor of the Hyundai Equus whereas the latter is a replacement for the Hyundai Genesis.

The good news is Genesis’ dealerships will get quite crowded in the years to come since a roadmap which emerged onto the web earlier this year revealed plans for several new models. These include a BMW 3 Series fighter previewed by the very promising New York Concept and likely to be called G70, along with a “mid luxury SUV”, a “near luxury SUV”, and a “near luxury sport coupe.”

Europeans will have to wait several years to buy a Genesis-branded vehicle, as Hyundai Europe Chief Operating Officer Thomas Schmid said last month Genesis won’t come to the old continent sooner than 2019. Until then, the newcomer in the luxury segment will sell its cars only in North America, Asia, and in the Middle East.