It looks intense.

The fifth instalment in the Bourne franchise, Jason Bourne, sees the titular amnesiac assassin lead a destructive car chase through Las Vegas. Universal Studios has released some spectacular behind the scenes footage from the shoot which you can see in the video above, starting at around the two minute mark.

First we see a SWAT truck plow into a couple of cars before taking off again down the street, pursued by a black Dodge Charger and some police cars.

Then we ride on-board the Russian Arm camera car - a Mercedes G63, I think - following the Charger. Be in no doubt that the camera car drivers are just as talented and committed as the stunt drivers. In this case, the driver is at the wheel of a car that's hardly athletic in the first place, is loaded with at least 1,000 pounds of people and equipment, and has another few hundred pounds swinging around on the roof, and has to drive at speed, through moving traffic, glued to the back of the Charger.

Finally we see the SWAT truck, complete a huge ramp attached to the front, scythe through a line of stationary traffic, scattering shattered cars all over the place.

This footage gives a really good insight into the film making process. Each clip shows a few seconds of incredibly intense action, but it gives the distinct impression that was all they got done that night. The whole sequence probably took weeks of endless late nights to finish.

The rest of the video gives an even clearer picture of how not a whole lot actually happens on a movie set. Still, I for one am hoping that the finished product will be the action-packed thrill-ride we expect a Bourne movie to be.

Jason Bourne is released in cinemas nationwide on July 29.

Source: Jalopnik