Camouflaged prototype to show up during the final stage of Tour de France.

There is no shortage of teasers for Skoda’s big SUV that’s for sure, and the latest one comes to announce the Kodiaq will be making a guest appearance in Paris during the final stage of Tour de France. VW’s Czech division won’t actually reveal the model’s entire design as the seven-seater, high-riding vehicle will be covered in black, grey, and white disguise with some red accents.

Skoda put a lot of effort into camouflaging the Kodiaq, slapping on approximately 14,000 facets totaling 21 m2 of foil. Four people were in charge of covering the SUV which will have red edges as a nod to the Corrida Red Superb serving as the Tour’s “Red Car” this year. That disguise will come off on September 1 when Skoda will (finally) reveal the large SUV during a special event set to be organized in Berlin, prior to a public debut scheduled for October at the Paris Motor Show.

We already have a significant amount of info concerning Skoda’s new SUV which will be positioned above the Yeti. It’s going to be 4.7-meters long and will be able to host up to seven people while the cargo capacity is going to be astounding, with a total volume of 2,065 liters with the rear seats folded.

Buyers will get to pick from an assortment of gasoline and diesel engines (three TSIs and two TDIs), all turbocharged and hooked up to a six-speed manual transmission or a DSG. The beefiest engine of them all upon launch will be a 2.0-liter TSI pushing out 180 horsepower as seen in a variety of other recent models from the Volkswagen Group.

The cheaper ones will send power to the front wheels whereas the pricier versions are going to come with an all-wheel-drive layout for extra grip. Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) will also be part of the deal for those willing to pay extra since Skoda mentions the technology is going to be available as optional equipment.

We are still more than a month away from the Kodiaq’s full reveal, so don’t be too surprised if Skoda will release even more teasers until then. Sales are scheduled to kick off at the beginning of 2017 in both five- and seven-seat flavors.

Source: Skoda

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