The video has more than 8.7 million views at the time of writing.

It seemed to be like a simple case of a kid doing something that he wasn’t supposed to, but Colorado’s 9News has discovered that incident involving a skateboard and a McLaren 12C was actually staged. While the author of the vertical video, Paul Gonzo, says he happened to be on location when the kid smashed the car’s windscreen with his skateboard, in reality everything was planned.

McLaren 12C from Mile High Drive

According to 9News, Paul Gonzo works for exotic car rental company Mile High Drive and one of the vehicles available is a 12C (pictured above) which appears to be virtually the same as the one involved in the “incident.” Quite the coincidence, isn’t it? People commenting on Reddit are saying they have already seen the 12C with the windshield cracked at Mile High Drive.

Oh, and there’s also this video, which shows the skateboarder was pretty much waiting for a signal. There is another guy at the 0:35 mark and he is pointing in the exact same direction where the action in the first clip takes place. You can actually see the second guy in the original video, thus making it even more evident the entire thing was staged.

So, why fake it? Most likely for the money coming from the video’s ads. With more than 8.7 million views so far, the clip is already a huge hit even though it was posted just a week ago. The money generated by the video should be more than enough to replace the 12C's windshield.

Attached below is another video of the so-called incident, shot from another angle. Unfortunately, this one too is portrait-oriented.