Debuting with the 2017 Panamera is the latest and greatest Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with an updated Porsche Connect to make your life even easier while driving the sexy four-door sedan from Stuttgart. The cabin itself is a very nice place to be in, and Porsche through its Connect Portal and Connect Store services help the driver stay connected online. There’s support for LTE, Wi-Fi hotspot, and Apple CarPlay compatibility which means that you can use a variety of iPhone apps that will communicate with the car’s brand new 12.3-inch infotainment system.

Porsche is throwing in 10 gigabytes of storage for media stuff and there are two SD ports and USB interface to further enhance connectivity options. Car Connect provides remote access to some of the vehicle's info via a single app, allowing the owner to check out data regarding remaining range, mileage covered, and also the possibility to lock the car and find its location. Go for the E-Hybrid version and the app will also grant remote control of the Panamera’s auxiliary heating, enable access to hybrid-related info, and even program the charging timer.

Online navigation with support for real-time traffic information comes bundled with the latest PCM and there’s also support for Google Earth and Google Street View. The navigation system is also clever enough to detect empty parking spots not only around the Panamera during the trip, but also in car parks at the destination.

Porsche Communication Management in the 2017 Panamera

One of the numerous services offered through the latest PCM is flight information, allowing the driver to call and find out details regarding departure and arrival times, along with gate and terminal numbers.

It’s not all good news since the 2017 Panamera does not have support for Android Auto, or at least there’s no mention of it in the press release. Maybe it’s because Porsche said a while back that more than 70 percent of buyers have iPhones and there’s also the matter of Google’s data collection policy. This obviously isn’t a deal-breaker for someone in the market for a Panamera, but it’s a bit annoying not to have it on a car that starts at just shy of $100k in United States, $99,900 MSRP for the 4S to be exact.

You can read all about the 2017 Panamera’s infotainment system in the press release below.

Source: Porsche

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Fully interlinked with Porsche Connect

Stuttgart. In the new Panamera, Porsche is introducing a new infotainment package together with the next generation of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). With the market launch of Porsche Connect in more than 40 countries, drivers are now able to use their time in the car more efficiently and also keep an eye on their Porsche at all times. In a similar way to smartphones and tablets, Porsche Connect is helping to simplify everyday life through mobile technology.As a result, the fun in driving a Porsche is becoming not only more versatile but smarter too.

The Porsche Connect Portal and the Porsche Connect Store ensure that customers always have an overview on the Internet of the services they are using and enable them to configure and activate a number of individual services. The new range continues to include Porsche Connect Support as a call centre in Europe, the USA and Asia. In China and Japan, the call centre additionally takes on the function of a 24/7 concierge service for customers, offering services such as restaurant reservations.

Porsche Connect comprises a number of coordinated service offers. The basis for them is the Connect module in the car. It includes the services for the remote control of vehicle functions and querying of vehicle data by means of smartphone and Apple Watch. Also contained in the package are a smartphone storage compartment in the centre console and Apple CarPlay for using various iPhone apps via the PCM. The top-of-the-range package Connect Plus is based on this module. It additionally offers a navigation module, an LTE telephone module, a WiFi hotspot in the car as well as numerous Internet-based services. Connect Plus is supplied as a standard feature in the Porsche 911 and Panamera and is available as an option for all other models – in combination with the necessary navigation module, if need be.

Key constituent of Porsche Connect: digital services and apps
At the core of Connect are the more than 20 services offered in three packages which can be used free of charge within a certain time period.

The Car Connect services pool all services for the remote control of certain vehicle functions within one app. This allows, for example, vehicle information such as the mileage covered or remaining range to be queried from a distance. The app can also be used to lock the vehicle, navigating your way to the car is yet another possibility. For E-Hybrid models, the app offers extended functions such as remote control of the auxiliary heating, retrieval of hybrid-specific information or programming of the charging timer.

The package of Navigation and Infotainment services includes functions and apps that enable drivers to make better use of their time during the journey and arrive more quickly at their destination. One example of this is the online navigation, which includes the online search for places and real-time traffic information as well as Google Earth and Google Street View for improved guidance during the journey and at the destination. Another service is flight information which allows drivers to call up details of current flights such as arrival and departure times, delays, as well as gate and terminal numbers. Vacant bays in car parks at the destination or in the vehicle’s surroundings are also displayed – together with helpful extra information such as prices and opening times.

Connect App services are based on the Porsche Connect App, which is available free of charge from iTunes and the Google Play Store. This allows the planning of journeys and organisation of destinations to be simplified. Even before the journey begins, the app can be used to search for destinations and transfer them to the car. Alongside the preferred destinations, the smartphone calendar is also available in the PCM after the mobile device has been connected with the car. Appointments can be displayed and navigation can be launched with saved destinations. The Connect App also offers music streaming functions.

Intelligent integration of iPhone, Apple functions and smartphones
Porsche Connect continues to include Apple CarPlay and a smartphone storage compartment for optimised mobile phone reception (Cayenne excluded). Apple CarPlay makes selected iPhone functions and apps available in the PCM. In addition to this, the Apple speech recognition app Siri, for example, enables text messages to be sent and answered, while music and podcasts can also be played. The smartphone storage compartment provides a functional link between the mobile phone and the Porsche. When there is an active connection, the smartphone's antenna signal is intercepted and transmitted to the car's outside antenna. This reduces battery consumption of the smartphone and optimises reception quality.

Control centre on the web: Porsche Connect Portal
The Connect Portal is the central contact point for the digital world of Porsche. It offers users a wide variety of options to manage their Porsche and the online services. This is where certain vehicle data such as the mileage are stored and can be retrieved. Any online services booked can be individually configured here.

The centrepiece of Porsche Connect: Porsche Communication Management
The PCM with touchscreen is the centrepiece of Porsche Connect. Integrated as standard in all Porsche models, the version and functions vary according to type and equipment options. The 12.3-inch touchscreen in the new Panamera marks the next stage of development for the PCM. It provides the foundation for an entirely new display and control concept: the Porsche Advanced Cockpit with high-resolution displays and smartphone-like user interface. For the first time, the PCM has a startup screen that can be personalised. Small accessories known as widgets provide a fast and simple way for users to define their most important functions. Access to the PCM in every touchscreen version is with multi-touch operation. The touchscreen reacts as soon as the user's hand approaches, switching from the active overview mode to operating mode.

In addition to the integrated CD/DVD player, the PCM also has USB interfaces, which provide an option for connecting an iPhone or USB memory stick. The PCM then acts as convenient means of control. Media can additionally be played via one of the two SD ports or via the jukebox (10 GB). Music for the jukebox can also be imported via the SD and USB ports. The mobile phone preparation allows convenient connection of mobile phones that support the Hands-Free Profile (HFP) via Bluetooth. The basic functions of the mobile phone can be operated via the PCM. The Connection Manager guides users through the numerous specific options of connecting the PCM with external sources.

Data privacy: transparency and self-determination for protection of the private sphere
Protection of the private sphere is an important concern for Porsche. In the services offered by Porsche, personal data are captured, processed and utilised exclusively within the framework of the valid data protection law. Porsche adopts a transparent and secure approach to the design of its services. Moreover, there is a guarantee that customers are themselves always able to determine how their data are handled.