It was only a couple of days ago when the mesmerizing Koenigsegg One:1 was involved in a nasty accident on the Nurburgring and now we are sad to report the crash of another hugely appealing hypercar, the Huayra Pearl. It’s even more exclusive than the One:1 of which seven examples exist, as Pagani made just one and revealed the car only a couple of months ago. While the Koenigsegg was wrecked on an enclosed track, the Huayra’s accident took place on the public streets of Paris.

You can easily tell it’s the unique Pearl version by looking at its Zonda S-derived rear split wing and the exposed carbon fiber bodywork. It’s not known at this point what happened, but you can see from the adjacent images the Huayra will need some serious TLC to get back into shape. Seeing as how there aren’t any other damaged cars around it, one would be tempted to say the driver lost control of the V12 AMG-powered machine and hit something. However, there's also the possibility another driver was at fault and crashed into the precious Huayra.


The car was commissioned via exotic supercar dealer Refined Marques, and if you’ll check their Instagram account, you will find some images and videos of the car shot prior to the unfortunate incident.

We’ll update the story as we get more info.




According to, the car belongs to someone from Saudi Arabia and he was the one who crashed it. The accident took place yesterday at 30 Cours Albert 1er in Paris' eighth Arrondissement near the Four Seasons Hotel George V.

Source: infaustus_vid.da